Xtender Power-Assist Wheelchair

The Quickie® Xtender™ provides power assist to a manual wheelchair, allowing users to maintain the look, control, and functionality of a manual wheelchair. The Xtender increases the distance traveled and the efficiency of propulsion without additional physical exertion.

Xtender Highlights:
• Increases the force applied to the handrims by a factor of 4. 30% increased driving power. Have energy to go where you want to go!
• Includes quick-release wheels to easily change from manual to assisted propulsion – Now with incorporated motor and hub.
• Easy to transport-The system is slim and reduced overall width
• Automatic synchronized wheels provide ensure smooth and straight propulsion
• Advanced battery technology : NiMH comes standard or with Li Ion option. Li Ion nearly doubles the range possible
• Easy customisation of speeds and sensitivity

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Motorised Wheels
Developed by Quickie and Yamaha, the Xtender features motorised rear wheels that increase the force you apply to the handrims by 4 x times! This increases your range of mobility by reducing energy expenditure by as much as 45% and decreasing the burn of fatigue.

Research has also shown that the Quickie Xtender Power Assist Device may help reduce or even prevent the occurrence of secondary injuries to the wrists, elbows, and shoulders including Repetitive Strain Injury.

Automatic Wheel Synchronization
The Xtender’s electronically synchronized rear wheel units continually communicate with each other and adjust their speeds to facilitate smooth, straight propulsion. This helps overcome uneven arm strength to further increase propulsion efficiency, which may be particularly beneficial to users with hemiplegia, paraplegia, quadriplegia, or tetraplegia.

Quick-Release Wheels and Easy Storage
Quick-Release Wheels and Easy Storage
The Xtender’s quick-release wheels allow you to remove the entire motor/wheel assembly from the chair. This allows for easy transitions between traditional manual and assisted propulsion. Because the Xtender is used with manual wheelchair frames, it stores and transports just like a manual wheelchair.

Rollback Prevention and Downhill Speed Control
Rollback Prevention and Downhill Speed Control
The user-friendly Xtender features several functions that require zero programming, including Rollback Prevention and Downhill Speed Control. During hill climbs, Rollback Prevention maximizes your efficiency and reduces fatigue. Downhill Speed Control ensures a smooth, safe descent.

Range of Modes and Models
Range of Modes and Models
The Xtender power assisted wheel system is available in 3 different modes to suit individual needs: Single Mode, Bi Mode and Sports mode. Take a look at our brochure for information about mode and model compatibility.

Thanks to our super easy auto engage wheel hub, the Xtender is now also available on a wide range of Sunrise Medical Lightweight wheelchairs including: Quickie 2 Series, GP Series, Zippie X’Cape, Breezy BasiX, Quickie 5R, Quickie 7R, Xenon2.

Overall Weight

17 kg

Available Handrims

Plastic Coated
Stainless Steel

Battery Capacity

NiMH = 7hrs / Li Ion = 9hrs

Time to Fully Charge

NiMH = 2.5 to 3hrs
Li Ion = 3 – 4.5hrs

Maximum Range

NiMH = 15 kms
Li Ion = 27 kms

Weight Capacity

120 kg


2 years (Battery – 1 year)