Permobil C350 PS

The rear-wheel drive C350 PS has two different speed packages of up to 6.5 MPH, ideal for quick class changes. The C350 PS offers easy access to the battery as well as a seat-to-fl oor height of 18.25.” Available in Black Onyx, Crystal Blue, Extreme Yellow, Platinum Silver and Vintage Wine, the C350 PS comes with standard matching tri-spoke wheel covers to help complete the look. Plus, the PS seating system features a sliding, telescoping frame and expanding seat pan to allow for growth. The adjustability of the PS seating system is unmatched with 5° at the footplate, armrests that both fl ip up and move out of the way, and footplate hangers that swing away or inside. The C350 PS is designed to support aftermarket options and accessories, a smart choice for people with hectic schedules and active lives.

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Maximum Speed

6.5 MPH

Driving Range

15-22 Miles

Max User Weight

300 lbs

Ground Clearance




Length w/o Front Riggings


Gradient Capacity

10° Up 6° Dn

Seat Widths

16" – 22" (Adjustable)

Seat Depths

16" – 22" (Adjustable)

Backrest Heights


Seat To Floor Height


Effect of Driving

1/2 Speed @ 135° back angle