The NXT is the most rigid, folding, paediatric tilt-in-space manual wheelchair on the market. It is strong and durable, yet compact and lightweight. The NXT ensure both the child and carer remain comfortable by providing a smoother ride and a user friendly solution. When the growth spurt hits and the frame won’t fit, the NXT adjusts easily for a good fit today and tomorrow.

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Seat Frame Widths:

• The NXT is available in 11 sizes from 10” wide to 20” wide.
• Each size from 10” wide to 16” wide adjusts an additional 2” in width.
• The 17” wide size adjusts an additional 1” in width to 18” wide.
• The 18”, 19” and 20” wide sizes are set.

Seat Frame Depths:

• The NXT is available in 3 sizes: a small, a medium or a large.
• Each size adjusts an additional 4” in depth.
• Seat frame depth is measured without seating, from the front of the back post to the front end of the seat frame.
• The small range is 12” to 16.”
• The medium range is 14” to 18.”
• The large range is 16” to 20.”

Seat Depth Extensions:

• For additional seat frame depths, extensions can be added to the back of the seat frame. There is a 2”, a 3” or a 4” extension to choose from.

Seat to Floor Height:

• The NXT can be configured in a variety of seat to floor heights.
• Selections in front casters and rear wheel sizes determine a range of choices from 12.5” low to 19.5” high, and almost everything in between.Specifications:
• Safe Working Load: 91kg