K-Series Wheelchair

With its iconic minimalist open frame and lightweight design, the K-Series allows you the ability to enjoy everyday activities; whether it’s getting to and from work or pursuing your hobbies, the K-Series active manual wheelchair gives you the freedom to be you.

The reputation of the K-Series has been well established over the past 20 years with a perfect and timeless design. The highly popular K-Series has evolved into a modern, lightweight active wheelchair fully equipped to keep up with everyday modern lifestyles.

The Küschall K-Series combines exceptional driving performance, rigidity and lightness with aesthetic appeal. Designed for the active and independent person looking for smart sophistication, it’s available in a range of high end frame materials including Aluminium, Carbon and Titanium.

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Everything with the K-Series is incredibly easy, unique and light. With its broad selection of possible configurations and materials, the K-Series brings a new dimension to everything you need.

A unique design feature of the K-Series is having the seat independent of the base frame. This allows all adjustments to be made from the seat module as standard, so finding your perfect position is guaranteed.

It’s all in the detail with smart and discreet connections giving you elegance and aesthetics without compromising on design. All the adjustments are cleverly concealed but still easy to access.

The lockdown folding backrest is height and angle adjustable. It incorporates a smooth rounded brace bar making it easier for you to access the rear pocket in the backrest canvas.

Total width

SW + 170 mm

Seat height (SH)

front: 450 – 520 mm rear:
390 – 490 mm in increments of 10 mm

Max. user weight

Al:130 kg Ti/C: 120 kg This
should be 130kg for all models

Max. safe slope

Backrest height (RH)

270 – 480 mm in increments of 15 mm

Total weight (unloaded)

approx. 7.9 kg

Seat depth (STB)

350 – 525 mm in increments of 20 mm

Seat width (SB)

320 – 500 mm in increments of 20 mm

Total length

75°: approx. 830 mm 90°: approx. 760 mm