Helium LS & LSE

THE H E L IUM L S & LSE are ideal for people who need to stand up, but are unable to do so on their own. The LS offers a manual standing feature, while the LSE provides a
power function.
Both chairs are constructed of innovative, high-tech materials and are ergonomically friendly. Armrests, knee supports and a chest belt help ensure comfort and stability, while
a rear axle center of gravity adjustment provides superior maneuverability.
The LS and LSE allow users to participate in everyday activities with their family, friends and co-workers. The chairs also support an array of medical benefits, such as: increased muscle tone; strengthened bones; improved circulation and digestion; and reduced spasticity.

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Total Weight

LS From 25 Kg
LSE From 32 Kg

Max User Weight

120 Kg

Overall Height (w/o push handles)

84cm/33" to 104cm/34"

Backrest Height

32cm/12.5" to 52cm/20.5"

Overall Length Standing

Adjustable 94cm/37" to 112cm/44"

Overall Length Seated

Adjustable 89cm/35" to 107cm/42"

Seat Depth

Adjustable 41cm/16" to 55cm/21.5"