Manual Wheelchair

When customising a manual wheelchair tailored for you, there is more too it than just weight and colour. ILS Rehab works with a range of chairs that aren’t configured based off one or two measurements, but rather an array of measurements, components and accessories to suit you and you only.

Folding or Rigid, what is the difference?

Whilst both types of chairs can be broken down into a boot of a car for transport, both offer their own unique benefits to suit your needs. A folding frame is great as it is generally the most compact stlye of wheelchair that allows you to tuck the chair away into more places. The give away with this option is, however, that a rigid chair is lighter, more durable and improves a wheelchair users performace due to decreased amount of ‘flex’ in the wheelchair system. Folding wheelchairs also have the option to have legrests hangers swing away where as a rigid chair requires some different custom options to assist our clients.

Still can’t decide on which one is right for you? ILS Rehab offers bespoke customisations with our highly trained specalised Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapist. Our team can help you find which chair is right for you and make sure it is customised perfectly to suit your body so that it fits like a glove. With access to all the major global brands and the ability to produce customised options, we are sure to fit you a suitable fit for your function and lifestyle.

Folding Manual Wheelchairs

Rigid Manual Wheelchairs